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Trauma-Informed Care and Practice

What is Trauma?

Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines trauma as a "disordered psychic or behavioral state resulting from severe mental or emotional stress or physical injury." This is a rather simplistic definition given that the experience of a traumatic event and living in its aftermath are quite complex. The lasting experience of a trauma is unique to the individual; it is this subjective experience that influences ones perception of self, behavior, and overall functioning. Although the APA and the DSM-V offer criteria and symptoms for a diagnosis; some people who have experienced trauma may not fit within this criteria. It is important to understand that an individual can be profoundly affected by experiencing a traumatic event and not meet criteria for an official diagnosis of a “trauma” disorder. Our clinicians are keenly aware of the uniqueness of an individual's traumatic experience. This is how our clinicians consider the impact of trauma when working with a client; we treat the client not just his/her symptoms.

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Our approach to treating trauma victims is tailored to the individual client and guided by the principles of respect, safety and empowerment. We believe that these principals are paramount in the thoughtful deliver of treatment to victims of trauma. Not all clients will respond to one specific modality of treatment. It is our training and years of experience working with this vast population of individuals and families that lends toward our unique ability to utilize a variety of effective and evidenced-based treatment modalities to adequately address the individual and unique experiences of trauma victims. Our goal is to bolster individual resilience to help the client move toward recovery and wellness.

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