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When should I expect a response to an inquiry for services?

Because we are often in sessions when at the office it is difficult to answer calls immediately. It is likely that you will be directed to leave a message. You can expect a return call within 48-72 hours of your call. Most calls are returned Monday through Thursday; 12:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m. Email inquiries are monitored regularly; please allow 24-48 hours for a response.

When will I have my first session?

Once we receive the necessary information regarding your treatment needs and insurance coverage it usually takes 48-72 business hours to assign a therapist to work with you. Assignments are based on your treatment needs and availability to attend sessions. We strive to match you with a therapist with similar availability. Generally, your first session will be scheduled within one week of the therapist being assigned to work with you.

Please note: This timeline does not apply to urgent psychological matters. Wait times are contingent on several factors, i.e. vacations, holidays, emergencies, and volume of requests. We endeavor to respond to all requests for services in a timely manner.

Does CCG accept credit, debit, or flex spending cards?

We DO NOT accept these forms of payment. Payment is required at the time services are rendered and may be paid using Cash or Check. Check should be remitted to Caramenico Counseling Group.

What insurance information am I required to provide in order to initiate counseling services?

You will be asked to provide us the name of your insurance plan, the identification number, name and date of birth of the person seeking services, and the name and date of birth of the policyholder. You will be asked to provide this information for all insurance plans providing coverage to the person seeking services. Some individuals have primary coverage with a major medical insurance and secondary insurance coverage through Medical Assistance. In these instances, we cannot utilize the benefits of Medical Assistance until we have accessed the benefits of the primary insurance. It is important that you provide us with all of your active insurance information at the time of referral; failing to inform us that you have primary coverage in addition to Medical Assistance will cause a delay in commencing services or disruption or termination of services.

What does it mean to have primary insurance and secondary insurance?

If you have a major medical insurance plan and Medical Assistance your primary coverage is with the major medical insurance plan. This means Medical Assistance will not cover the cost of services until your primary insurance has be accessed for payment. If this applies to you, we must be considered an in-network provider with your primary insurance or we cannot access your Medical Assistance coverage (secondary) to fund your services. If we are an in-network provider with your primary insurance we will submit claims to your primary insurance and once resolved will submit the remaining balance to Medical Assistance. Medical Assistance will cover any copay, co-insurance, or deductible amount required under your primary insurance plan.

What if my insurance coverage changes while I am receiving counseling services?

It is important that you notify your therapist as soon as you are aware of any change in your insurance coverage. Any changes to your coverage may affect your financial responsibility for services rendered. As well, if your plan changes we must confirm that we are a participating provider under that plan or you will incur the full cost of services rendered. As well, if you are covered under Medical Assistance it is important that you submit all of your paperwork for renewal in a timely manner as termination of your benefits will result in a disruption or termination of services.

What if my insurance plan changes and Caramenico Counseling Group, LLC is not a participating provider under my new coverage?

If this occurs the administration at CCG will work with you to determine what options may be available to continue services with your therapist. However, in some instances it may be necessary to refer you to another agency/provider.

If I have a high deductible plan what is the expected cost for services?

If you have a high deductible plan you will be responsible to pay the full amount for each session. This amount is determined by the contracted negotiated rate we have agreed upon with your insurance company. These rates vary depending on the insurance plan. You will be notified of these rates prior to scheduling your first session upon verification of your insurance benefits. Due to our contractual agreements with the insurance companies we cannot offer a sliding scale rate under this circumstance. Proof of your out of pocket payment will be submitted to your insurance company so it may be applied toward your deductible obligation. Once we receive notification that your deductible has been met we will notify you.

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